Evonik Degussa

Custom Design Catalysts Solution Partner

Evonik Degussa's solution partner approach and its continuous dialogue and collaboration with customers, speeds up and successfully completes the commercialisation process of custom-made catalysts, transforming lab recipes into commercial products.

Evonik Degussa provides world-class quality products and services, many years of experience in catalysis and key proprietary technologies, as well as flexible and dedicated cross-functional project management teams comprising of research and development, production, sales and marketing. Evonik Degussa promotes and participates largely in global development.

Proprietary catalysts, custom design and commercial products

Evonik Degussa is a globally established partner for catalytic solutions, comprising a variety of highly specialised catalyst products and cradle to grave services in the life sciences and fine chemicals, industrial chemicals and intermediates and polymer industries. Evonik Degussa can either supply its proprietary catalysts, custom design the catalysts needed or transfer lab scale recipes into commercial products.

Continuous process catalysts

Evonik Degussa provides continuous process catalysts (CPC) for the industrial chemicals and intermediates industry. With worldwide customers and partners we have an excellent position in market segments such as solvents, plasticizers, monomers, intermediates and fine gas purification. Evonik Degussa's product portfolio for industrial chemicals and intermediates is comprised of the following products:

Aerocat®: a new silica support material for fluid bed applications.

Aerolyst®: unique silica and titania catalyst supports based on fumed oxides for fixed bed applications.

Noblyst®: supported precious metal catalysts for fixed bed hydrogenerations and oxidations.

Octolyst®: supported and bulk nickel, cobalt and copper catalysts for fixed bed hydrogenations and dehydrogenations.

Life sciences and fine chemical industries

For the life sciences and fine chemical industries, Evonik Degussa offers a broad range of precious metal powder and activated base metal catalysts and services throughout the metal loop. The life sciences and fine chemicals industries use catalytic reactions in a wide variety of applications, typically conducted in batch processes. These industries have an extensive range of catalytic needs from the optimum catalyst and reaction conditions in the process, to health and safety, strict confidentiality, right through to final product recycle or disposal.


Polyolefins such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) make possible many of the items we use in our daily lives. These materials are widely used in the automotive industry, for instance in the production of bumpers, as well as in the manufacture of plastic shopping bags. As one of the world leaders in catalysis, we utilize all of our know-how for research and development of new materials.

Our product line includes magnesium ethoxide (a highly active support material for Ziegler-Natta catalysts), silane donors (used as additives for increasing the isotacticity in PP catalysts), and AEROCAT (a new silica support material for metallocenes and for Ziegler-Natta or Phillips catalysts).

Worldwide research and development, technical centers and production sites

With worldwide research and development, technical centers and production sites, Evonik Degussa ensures fast and efficient communication with its industry partners around the world.

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