Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH

Plant Construction and Chemical Engineering Consultancy

In our capacity as an engineering service provider, we at Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH can offer you the experience we have gained over decades in plant construction, specialising in chemical engineering. Our list of products embraces all the stages of the design, construction and commissioning of complex plants for chemical and related industries. We find intelligent solutions, ranging from project development to commissioning, from consulting to process optimisation of existing plants.

Innovative simulation and presentation tools give you an idea of your project at very early planning stages, which provides transparency and makes decision making easier. Whether you use our competence in selected stages or part-projects, or involve us in the whole project through to the commissioning, it's up to you. What is certain is that our competence is available to you at all stages of your project.

Optimum plant design and process engineering

Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH has a high level of know-how in process engineering, which is essential for optimum plant design in terms of processes and economy. Thanks to the great variety of projects already carried out, our staff is highly qualified and experienced personnel who use tried and tested procedures from all fields of technology.

We cover the following business fields.

Refinery and gas technology

  • Dehydration and desalting of crude oil
  • Atmospheric distillation
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Lube oil refining
  • Reforming / Zeoforming
  • Bitumen
  • Isomerisation / alkylation
  • Hydrodesulfurization
  • Demercaptanization
  • Gas processing
  • Gas treatment (pretreatment, purification, gas scrubbing, separation of higher hydro-carbons, gas compression, sulphur recovery, demercaptanization
  • Underground gas storage


  • Ethylbenzene, styrene and polystyrene
  • VCM (Vinyl Chloride Monomer), PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride)

Inorganic chemicals

  • Electrolysis (chlor-alkali, chlorine dioxide, special electrolysis)
  • Chlor purification
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Ammonium sulfate (crystallization)
  • Polyaluminium chlorid

Special plants

  • Gasification of fossil fuels and biomass
  • Biodiesel
  • Pharmaceuticals

Most chemicals are indispensable starting materials for the cost-efficient and environmentally friendly production of all the products we need in everyday life. Though difficult to handle, chlorine, is also an indispensable constituent.

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