Consultants for Reliablity and Maintenance at Chemicals Plants

IDCON INC is a reliability and maintenance consultancy firm for the processing industries, including chemical. We enable clients to improve efficiencies of their operations and reduce costs through specialist teaching, training and consultancy solutions.

Our reliability and maintenance consultancy services include maintenance audits, implementation of maintenance work processes. These processes include work management planning and scheduling, root cause analysis, preventive maintenance, maintenance leadership, and managing spare parts and technical data.

While traditional maintenance consultancy firms focus almost exclusively on equipment, IDCON believes results are best achieved through people. IDCON coaches your team to create the sustained levels of awareness and buy-in required to produce the processes, action and change to transform your company's organization and garner bottom-line results.

From business cases to on-the-job training, IDCON is your plant's partner for sustainable improvements in reliability and maintenance work processes.

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Maintenance audits for chemical facilities

Understanding the current gaps in reliability and maintenance at your plant helps you to focus on becoming proactive in your work processes. IDCON has defined 'Current Best Practices' (CBP) in reliability and maintenance management. Our assessment objectively reviews nine key processes that have the most impact on your plant's reliability. The outcome of the assessment will give you a gap analysis and recommendations on how to close them.

Maintenance planning and scheduling

A key aspect in ensuring operations are reliable and maintenance is adequately managed is through effective planning and scheduling. Our approach includes awareness training for the entire organization, on-the-job and practical classroom training. In addition to training, we provide implementation support to improve your organization's adoption of best practices.

Preventive maintenance and root cause analysis training for chemical plants

Two closely related key areas in plant operations are preventive maintenance (PM) and root cause analysis (RCA).

IDCON provides education and training to your organisation, in addition to implementation support. Our consultants can assist with setting up and documenting the preventive maintenance process. Our customized training in essential care and inspection techniques teaches the 'Why' and 'How' of these valuable processes; this training is fundamental to the care of your equipment.

RCA is usually complementary to preventive maintenance, which highlights issues that need fixing. We take RCA further by detailing how to remove any problems through effective solutions and then documenting the process from failure to resolution.

Spare parts management and technical data

When you improve your materials and spare parts management, you'll free up time for planners, supervisors, and hourly maintenance personnel. An average of 20% to 30% of maintenance personnel's time is spent finding parts and materials.

Our support to your plant in materials and spare parts management can include training, implementation strategy generation, key performance indicators, decision model for stock/non-stock of spare parts, setting up spares delivery systems and coaching.

Services to improve leadership and organization

Your plant's reliability and maintenance initiatives cannot survive without strong leadership. To ensure a plant is reliable and the maintenance schedule is effective, strong leadership is a necessity. We help implement leadership strategies by working alongside maintenance leaders in the development of systems procedures and the necessary documentation.

Effective documentation is required at every stage of establishing leadership, detailing expectations, plan of action and follow-up assessments such as key performance indicators (KPI).

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