MIC Customs Solutions

Trade Compliance Software for the Chemical Sector

MIC customs solutions

MIC offers customs and trade compliance software to facilitate importing and exporting processes for the chemicals industry.

The solutions increase efficiency, transparency and compliance in a single system, saving time, energy and money.

The company assists in classifying goods, calculating origins, complying with varying import and export customs regimes or export control regulations, and dealing with current customs process, duty and taxes recuperation issues.

Worldwide customs management platform for the chemicals sector

Supporting more than 48 countries, MIC-CUST® offers a standard customs and trade compliance solution on a single technical platform.

It enables the automated creation of import and export declarations and seamlessly converts one country's export data into another country's import clearance, streamlining inter-company shipping processes.

The system also allows for quick electronic transfer of data to third parties such as brokers and carriers, eliminating the re-keying of data and mistakes, as well as reducing costs and increasing compliance.

Product tariff and export control classification systems

MIC's clinical clarifications software (CCS) helps companies precisely classify products to conform to multi-national customs tariff schedules, as well as export control lists, while reducing costs and workload.

The CCS simplifies the designation, validation and assignment of the classification and makes all content information available in a user-friendly format. It also enables clear and easy control of the entire customs tariff and export control classification process on a global level.

Origin calculation and supplier solicitation for cashflow optimisation

The MIC origin calculation system (OCS) provides clients with the tools to solicit and store origin data from suppliers, as well as calculate manufactured products' origins.

The OSC solution stores and processes rules of origin for an unlimited number of unique free trade agreements (FTA), which lead to potential savings in customs duties and indirect taxes.

In addition, MIC OCS makes it easier to generate and track origin requests to suppliers through various options, including a web-enabled front-end application.

Export control management software for increased compliance

MIC's export control management (ECM) aids in automating and monitoring the export compliance functions and processes.

It offers a broad spectrum of functionalities such as sanction list screening, ERP system integration, consistent list updates, and licensable goods and corresponding audit trails identification.

MIC ECM reduces risks and costs associated with global trade, and it supports tracking of the entire process to ensure maximum efficiency.

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