Measurement and Automation

Endress+Hauser meets the demands of the chemical industry providing instrumentation and automation solutions across the parameters of flow, level, pressure, temperature, analysis, recording and process solutions. Our industry-optimised measurement devices cover a wide range of applications, including fine chemicals, petrochemicals and plastics.

Used in all chemical processes, Endress+Hauser instrumentation can help to preserve high standards of safety by providing accurate measurement, even under harsh conditions. Our proactive approach to safety issues including ATEX, IEC 61508 functional safety or the Pressure Equipment Directive means we can provide our customers with fully compliant instrumentation to enable them to meet future demands.

New temperature field transmitter with HART

Endress+Hauser's new iTemp TMT 162 HART field transmitter is ideal for the demands of the chemical industry. Reliable and robust, the TMT 162 offers the maximum in functional safety:

  • EMC immunity to NAMUR NE 21 (insensitive to motors and generators)
  • Signal on alarm functions to NAMUR NE 43
  • Basic requirements to NAMUR NE 89 (providing information on sensor input corrosion and excess ambient temperature)

In addition, the TMT 162 is ATEX-certified (Ex ia, Ex d, Ex nA) for hazardous area use, features a backlit display providing clear easy-to-read information and has 2000V galvanic isolation - offering outstanding value for money!

Set up is quick and easy and can be done online, so there is no need to disconnect the measuring point when re-programming. Due to its dual sensor input, the TMT 162 can be used for all temperature measuring points, allowing significant cost savings on stock holding.


  • Illuminated, rotatable display for easy reading
  • ATEX, FM and CSA approvals
  • Dual compartment for simple sensor connection
  • Large gold-plated terminals suitable for cables with a diameter up to 2.5mm

Limit detection

The Liquiphant S vibration limit switch is for use in all liquids, as performance is unaffected by flow, turbulence, bubbles, foam, vibration or build-up. High corrosion-resistant Alloy C4 is available for the fork and process connections for applications in very aggressive liquids.


  • Temperature up to 280°C
  • Welded, gas-tight feedthrough
  • Large selection of process connections
  • Wide variety of electronics - NAMUR, relay, PNP, PFM signal output
  • Monitoring of tuning fork
  • Available with high corrosion-resistant coating (Enamel, PFA, Halar)
  • Suitable for hazardous area use

Guided radar level measurement for liquids and solids

The Levelflex M is a guided radar device with a choice of probes - rope, rod and coax. It performs continuous level measurement of both solids and liquids for heights of up to 35m. Levelflex M's factory calibration enables a quick and easy installation and setup. The probe is easily shortened to suit your requirements.


  • Communication via HART, Profibus PA or Fieldbus Foundation
  • Measurement independent of product changes
  • Simple operation via the four-line display

With the coax probes, measurement is unaffected by the tank and nozzle geometry etc.


Endress+Hauser manufactures a vast range of flowmeters to suit any application. Our PROline Promass Coriolis mass flowmeter simultaneously measures the mass flow, density and temperature of liquids and gases on a broad range of applications.


  • Wide choice of materials and process connections
  • RichEditWindow
  • Menu-driven commissioning
  • High accuracy up to 0.1%
  • Secondary containment vessel
  • Independent of fluid characteristics

The Prowirl 77 vortex flow measuring system is for gas, steam and low viscous liquids. It offers high accuracy and provides resistance to thermal shock, water hammer and vibration, making it the ideal instrument for chemical processes. A temperature range up to 400°C and pressure rating of PN 160/Cl 600 confirm its suitability for this industry.

Electromagnetic flowmeters (PROline Promag) and ultrasonic non-contact flowmeters (PROline Prosonic Flow) are also used throughout the chemical industry.


The TopCal S automatic cleaning and calibration system for pH/redox is the perfect choice for heavily polluted and aggressive media often found in chemical processes. TopCal S combines a high degree of safety and high accuracy with low maintenance requirements.


  • High operational safety as system remains closed during calibration
  • Wide application range for use in both safe and hazardous areas
  • Early warning functions guarantee reliability and system performance
  • Simple to commission and user-friendly

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