Process Filters for Chemical Applications

INFOLABEL manufactures Chemap® filter systems and is an experienced source of knowledge concerning Funda Filter Technology. Based in Switzerland, INFOLABEL offers a comprehensive service from formation to the launch and upkeep of your filter system.

Pressure plates filters enable you to solve filtration problems easily and economically. Filter equipment from INFOLABEL is ideal for filtrations in which drying, extraction, residual volume filtration, washing and sterile processing procedures are involved. INFOLABEL filter systems are used in a range of industries, including chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, nuclear and hydrometallurgy.

Filtration equipment design and engineering

Our construction and process engineering specialists have years of experience and design new filtration equipment on the basis of their profound process knowledge. The filtration equipment has standard components in accordance with the successful Chemap® filter principle, and is adapted to your requirements. INFOLABEL can offer advice and assistance regarding any problems you may have concerning process filter systems.

Our core capabilities are:

  • Chemap® filter systems
  • Funda filter technology
  • Technology, construction and process engineering
  • Spare parts
  • Test equipment

Compact pressure plates filters

Compact pressure plates filters from INFOLABEL can be used fully automatically in manufacturing, testing and production processes. Aggradation, filtration, residual volume filtration and cake washing, thermal cake drying and removal of the filter cake is carried out in a closed system, in accordance with the Chemap® technology.

Self-cleaning pressure plates filters from Filter Spares Service feature the latest drive technology and are available in two models. Type R is designed for the dry discharge from the cake and Type A is designed for the liquid discharge (slurry) of the cake. With our RA Type the cake can be discharged optimally in liquid or dry form.

Our complete standard solutions, coupled with our engineers' know-how and experience, guarantee the optimal configuration of your filtration equipment.

Pressure plates filter spare parts and repair

INFOLABEL can supply all the pressure plates filter spare parts that are necessary for the safe and trouble-free operation of your filter equipment, even decades after the start of operation.

We know how important an efficient spare parts service is for maintaining production; therefore we deliver the parts that you have ordered for your filter or your filter equipment to any desired location in the world. If you require, we will also provide you with a specialised technician for repair or revision on-site.

We are ready to advise you and deliver the necessary spare parts in the customary Filter Spares Service manner.

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