Wire Cloth and Filter Products

For more than five decades we have specialised in products for screen-printing, sifting and filter technology.

Our own modern tool and machinery shop, solid workmanship and our substantial product knowledge, enable us to develop and produce innovative custom solutions. Throughout this period, we have built an extensive base of knowledge, which is available to all our customers.

Filter media

We produce and supply:

  • Woven wire cloth
  • Sintered metal fibres
  • Wire mesh laminate
  • Wedge wire
  • Perforated sheets

Our experience in wire weaving and the use of our products under the most rigid conditions has brought about the development of our filter media PACOFIL and PACOPLATE.

Weaving division

Wire cloth has the advantage of being an efficient filter medium. It is used for separation, dewatering, sifting, screening and can be found in many forms throughout industries in general.

Worldwide we are one of the leading weavers of wire cloth in its various forms. For over four decades we have transformed customer-specified requests into technical solutions.

One example is our plain dutch weave PACO-HF, which has proven to be the right filter medium for difficult filtration applications.

Wire mesh has specific reproduceable characteristics consistent with a warp and weft construction. Mesh shaped vary, the most common are:

  • Square mesh (plain weave)
  • Square mesh (twilled weave)
  • Herring-bone twilled weave
  • Five-heddle-twilled weave
  • Plain dutch weave
  • Plain dutch weave "PACO-HF"
  • Reverse plain dutch weave
  • Broad-mesh-twilled dutch weave
  • Metal fibre with one-sided back-up screen PACOFIL
  • Precision laminated metal mesh (PACOPLATE)

Wire cloth product range

We weave wire cloth in all forms and we select and advise on the various metal alloys according to our customers' specific requirements. We only work with specially selected and inspected wire that has been subject to the most stringent examination.

We weave our wire cloth in rolls of particular lengths and widths up to 2,000mm on the medium and coarser range and up to 2,350mm for the fine wire. We also supply mesh in strips from 5mm and cut to specific shapes and sizes.

Filters and filtration products

Our filtration products cover a wide area, many industries and innumerable applications-filters and elements, which play a vital role in all sectors of industry.

As in weaving, our aim is to attain perfection and create the ideal product for every process and application. We are deeply involved in a wide range of filtration engineering activities, including filtration tests (fluid and gas) elements design and manufacturing.

We leave nothing unturned to improve current technologies and consequently our products. As far as the production equipment is concerned, it is mainly machines specially designed and constructed in our own factory.

Our filter department shows a dynamic development: we systematically diversify in this range. The production program includes permanent coffee filters, as well as gas-retention devices for ARIANE satellite tanks and continuous polymer filter candles in the plastics and fibre industry.

Filter product range

We design, develop and produce all filters offered by us. The range covers a wide variety including cartridge or candle filters, filter baskets and flat filters of the following configurations:

  • Spinnered filters
  • Discs with and without rim
  • Pleated and unpleated
  • Edged discs
  • Oval filters with and without rim
  • Rectangular filters with and without rim
  • Sieves of different configurations spot-welded to each other
  • Metallic gaskets

Our goal is to help improve our customers' competitiveness by continuously improving the quality, reliability and efficiency of our products and providing more complex and intelligent solutions.

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