Drying and Evaporation Solutions

Anhydro is a brand within the SPX Corporation - a fortune 500, multi-industry company.

SPX provides products and services for multiple industries — food and beverage, transportation, automotive, power generation and distribution, gas and oil production, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, agriculture and many others.

The Anhydro brand is a leading global brand within liquid concentration and powder processing solutions, as well as equipment for the international dairy, food, beverage and alcohol, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

SPX designs, manufactures, installs and services a wide range of advanced Anhydro evaporation and drying equipment and solutions for customers in major industries around the world.

Chemical process equipment

Common to the process industry is the challenge of globalization, continuous innovation, a constant demand for higher performance with lower costs, and the need for leading-edge technology supported by a global service organization.

SPX is a leading global supplier to the above mentioned industries offering technologically superior solutions and the flexibility and cost-effectiveness including:

  • Anhydro evaporators
  • Anhydro dryers
  • Anhydro fluid bed technology

Chemical drying solutions

SPX provides a wide range of drying solutions for virtually any liquid-to-powder application, including spray dryers, spin flash dryers, fluid bed dryers, spray bed dryers and tall form dryers.

Anhydro dryers are designed for virtually any powder application ranging from small-scale plant with capabilities of a few kg/h to large scale industrial plants. Anhydro dryers are charactherized by:

  • Being customized to provide unbeatable performance at lowest possible cost
  • Uniform product quality
  • Gentle product treatment
  • Pptimized performance / cost / ratio
  • Versatile
  • A long service life

Fluid bed technology

SPX is a global leader in fluid bed technology. The company provides an extensive range of fluid bed dryers, fluid bed coolers, fluid bed agglomerators, fluid bed coaters, and fluid bed de-dusters.

Cost-effective chemical evaporators

The evaporator program includes a variety of falling film evaporators, natural and forced circulation evaporators and TVR and MVR evaporators.

The company's evaporators are based on original technologies from Anhydro. Anhydro evaporator technology is recommended for evaporators intended to serve the dairy, food, brewing and chemical industries.

Integrated chemical processing solutions

SPX offers a complete spectrum of Anhydro evaporation and drying equipment for the chemical industries spanning a wide range of technologies and capacities. All Anhydro equipment is customized and configured for specific customer needs and specifications with a view to delivering the end product with maximum added value at the lowest possible cost.

SPX has a documented track record in drying and evaporation projects all over the world. These projects include new equipment solutions, plant retrofitting and upgrades, new processing development, automation upgrading, plant performance optimization, process troubleshooting and environmental applications.

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The SPX World of Industrial Drying Technologies 02 May 2013 Through its Anhydro and e&e brands, SPX offers a range of drying technologies that meet the needs of wide ranging applications and industries.