SPX Top Entry, Side Entry and Static Mixers

Mixing is fundamental to almost all chemical processing. SPX is a major supplier of process equipment for the chemical industry. Mixing can be divided into five areas: liquid-solid dispersion, gas-liquid dispersion, liquid-liquid dispersion, the blending of miscible liquids and the production of fluid motion.

SPX's range of LIGHTNIN brand top entry, side entry and static mixers are used around the world for a wide variety of applications in the chemical processing industries, including blending, suspending solids, heat transfer, solids wet-out, polymerization, dissolving, shearing, mass transfer, complex chemical reactions and hydrogenation.

LIGHTNIN mixers are available in sizes from 0.25hp to 3,500hp for use in bench scale, pilot scale, semi-works and full-scale operations. Installations include mix tanks, polymerizers, storage tanks, pipes, reactors, crystallizers and columns. Various types of mixer drives include:

Portable or fixed-mount mixers

The enhanced classic line (ECL) mixers are available in portable or fixed-mount versions. ECL mixers give customers a strong, flexible product. Direct and gear-drive mixers are available for a wide range of mixing applications.

Direct-drive mixers are recommended for dispersing powders and small batch mixing. Gear-drive mixers feature two available lower speeds and higher torque for use with larger batches and a range of viscosities.

Compact mixers for chemical processing

Series 10 mixers deliver a superior combination of value and performance in a wide range of applications. Available from 1hp to 30hp, with speeds from 11rpm to 125rpm, the mixers have a compact design with fewer parts for easy installation and maintenance. Check, add or change oil without removing the safety guard.

The largest output bearings in the size range provide an unmatched L10 life. Longer shaft lengths accommodate a wider range of tank configurations.

Chemical mixers with proven mechanical design technology

70/80 Series mixers are the most specified and proven mechanical design technology in the world, making these mixers ideal for a wide range of applications. Bearings are sized far beyond AGMA requirements for a long service life. Mechanical seals are 100% factory tested and feature a cartridge design for easy, convenient replacement.

Large chemical processing mixers

LIGHTNIN 700/800 mixers are designed to provide reliable service in the largest, most demanding applications in chemical processing. Heavy-duty motor mount is standard. Available with 25hp - 3,000hp, and speeds from 230rpm to 11.4rpm, the mixers have the largest output shaft per allowable torque for greater bending design and longer shafts.

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