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Fluid Bed Reactors for Catalysts

Procedyne is an engineering and equipment manufacturing company that specialises in fluid bed reactors for catalyst activation, calcining, oxidation and reduction reactors, polysilicon processing, activated carbon processing, and an array of other thermal treatments of powders and granular materials.

The scope of the company offerings in these activities is exceptionally broad as it is based upon 50 years of problem solving for major organisations and across a number of important processing industries.

Chemical processing equipment

The Procedyne site in New Brunswick, New Jersey, US, is home to the company's administrative and sales offices, the manufacturing plant for all of products, the process technology laboratory and pilot plant, and demonstration facilities of sufficient capacity. This allows us to process client's products at significant production rates.

Procedyne offers tolling contracts for the production of large quantities of processed material to assist clients in market evaluation, training of personnel, initial sales efforts and other related activities, while awaiting completion of the equipment order being built at the Procedyne plant.

Thermal processing of powders and granular materials

Procedyne also provides thermal processing of powders and granular materials with fluid bed technology strategies. We use our knowledge and experience to employ the behaviour of stable well-known granular materials in order to enhance the manufacture of various physical parts and mechanical systems.

This is done using unique properties when these granular or systems are fluidised. We also use fluid bed furnaces that remove the sand and binder moulds, as well as internal cores that form the required casting.

Fluid bed calciners for processing powders and granular materials

Procedyne offers specially designed high-temperature fluid bed calciners for processing powders or granular materials up to 1,200°C in virtually any atmosphere. Calcining and roasting applications include minerals and ores, ceramics, inorganic pigments and carbons.

Our systems operate on electricity, natural gas or fuel oil, and are highly efficient, even at high temperatures. Precise temperature control combined with uniform and complete fluidisation provides for reproducible, high-quality products with extremely high yield.  An array of batch and continuous calciners can be custom designed to each application.

Continuous and batch fluid bed reactors

Procedyne offers a complete line of continuous and batch fluid bed reactors that are designed to exploit the unique properties of fluid bed technology. This allows chemical reactions between powders and granular materials, as well as gas phase, to accomplish high-quality products at higher yields. This uses less energy and allows for lower maintenance costs.

We also offer a complete pilot scale and demonstration size facility to assure that the performance of a proposed reactor is well known and demonstrated, before the financial commitment to process strategies, fabrication and construction are undertaken. These facilities are supervised and operated by experienced and capable technical staff in solids-gas phase reactions.

Fluid bed systems for catalyst preparation and activation

Procedyne's high-temperature fluid bed system is well-suited to catalyst preparation and catalyst activation. The Procedyne fluid bed catalyst activator is designed to completely and uniformally treat fine powdered catalysts at temperatures up to 1,100°C. The fluid bed catalyst activator heats a catalyst powder to elevated temperature and exposes it to a reactive atmosphere.

Procedyne fluid bed catalyst activators have met the standards of major engineering and petrochemical companies and can be found operating in plants throughout the world. We can offer the catalyst activator as a complete package with all required ancillary equipment.

Fluid bed dryers for powders, granulates and larger particle materials

Procedyne offers a complete line of continuous and batch fluid bed dryers for drying powders, granulates, and some larger particle products depending on the density and particle shape.

Our Keyhole series of continuous dryers are particularly effective when the wet product being dried is difficult to fluidise initially, and when there is a diffusion-controlled drying rate as the product nears the required specified final moisture content.

Other Procedyne fluid bed systems are classical horizontal or vertical fluid bed dryers either indirectly or directly heated and equipped with a suitable distributor for the product being processed. Particular attention is paid to the equipment cleaning requirements to meet the quality needs of the product.

Fluidised bed heat treating technology

Procedyne equipment is recognised as the worldwide high-quality standard. We manufacture furnaces in a wide range of standard and custom sizes, with atmosphere and temperature capabilities that provide optimum cost effectiveness.

Standard sized batch furnaces for tool room heat treating are available in a wide range of sizes and capabilities, allowing operators to perform all heat treatments in a single furnace.

Procedyne also designs and builds customised continuous and automated batch systems to production line requirements. Our fluid beds can process multiple parts and several heat treatments in a single furnace in an automated line.

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