Stainless Steel IBC and Small Pressure-Tank Rental

Compagnie des Containers Reservoirs (CCR), a company of the ERMEWA Group, has specialised in stainless steel IBCs and small pressure-tank rental since 1947. Its head office is located in France, with sales offices in the UK, Germany and Spain. Representatives are based in Denmark, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy, Australia, the USA and Singapore.

With a fleet of more than 13,000 vessels (from 150L up to 12,000L), and a permanent stock, CCR offers safe and professional solutions to transport hazardous chemicals, in compliance with international regulations.

CCR offers:

  • Immediate container availability for short, medium and long term rental contracts at flexible rates (from three months up to five years or over)
  • Operational and technical assistance: definition of suitable vessel, adaptation to user's process, bespoke tanks, UN testing, maintenance and repairs for a safer use of the tanks

Liquid chemical and pharmaceutical containers

CCR's wide range of containers is easy to handle, safe and especially made for transport and storage of hazardous liquid chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

CCR also manages a fleet of aseptic tanks dedicated to cosmetic and food-grade products.

Stainless-steel transport and storage IBCs

CCR's cylinder and cubic stainless-steel IBCs are UN 31 A / Y-certified, and labelled for shipment of hazardous or non-hazardous liquid materials under RID, ADR and IMDG regulations. Easy to handle, CCR IBCs are ideal for transport and storage of liquid products of PG II and III, Class 3, 6, 8 and 9.

The range of stainless-steel 304 IBCs from CCR includes capacities of 400L, 800L, 1,000L and 1,650L, with or without frames.

CCR's services also include a wide range of technical solutions such as insulation, electric or steam heating systems, as well as mixing devices.

Portable pressure transport and storage tanks

CCR's portable pressure tanks are suitable for transport and storage of PG I hazardous liquid chemical products. With a minimum 6bar test pressure, they are approved as per RID / IMO / MMF / US DOT / UIC and CUSTOMS prescriptions (UN types T12/T14 / T20 / T21 and T22).

CCR's portable pressure tanks fleet's capacities include 450L, 600L, 800L, 1,100L and 2,500L. Stainless steel 316 Ti portable containers are equipped with a top discharge, relief valve, bursting disc and manometer.

Our services options include internal lining, addition of ladder or walkway, bottom discharge, heating and / or insulation, and adaptation of various connections and accessories.

10ft ISO transport and storage tanks

CCR's stainless steel 316 ISO tanks are available in UN types 5000, 7600 and 10000, T12 or T14 (IMO / RID and ADR certified).

10ft ISO offshore tanks

CCR's stainless steel 316 ISO tanks have a reinforced frame, meaning they are also suitable for DNV 2.7.1 prescriptions for offshore use. They are available with optional insulation and steam-heating systems.

Rubber or phenolic resin lined pressure tanks

Dedicated to the transport of corrosive products (Cl. 8), CCR offers you safe solutions with lined tanks of 1,100L and 2,500L capacity (rubber or baked phenolic resin).

PTFE or PVDF lined tanks

CCR can also offer PTFE or PVDF lined tanks, both on demand and for long-term projects.

Customised stainless-steel containers and accessories

CCR provides customers with operational and technical assistance to customise their container according to their specific requirements.

CCR has many other models of containers and offers a wide range of accessories. Specific devices can be adapted to match special requirements.

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