Tank Containers for Liquids and Gases

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Eurotainer leases environmentally friendly tank containers and small portable tanks for the bulk transportation of liquids, liquefied gas and cryogenic liquid gas.

The company's comprehensive and diverse fleet of tank containers and small portable tanks offers a wide range of applications to industries worldwide.

Tank containers for storage and transport of liquids, gases and cryogenic gases

Eurotainer's fleet of almost 30,000 containers includes 150 different types, such as stainless-steel, lined, refrigerated, high-pressure, electrically heated and cryogenic tanks.

Eurotainer leases 20ft and 40ft tank containers with capacities ranging from 10,000l to 35,000l, and small portable tanks with capacities ranging from 450l to 10,000l.

The company also supplies custom-built solutions to meet the unique requirements of its clients.

The Eurotainer technical team has the expertise to configure and design specialised tank containers to meet the regulatory requirements of a wide range of products.

After-sales support and value-added services to support the tank container leasing process

Eurotainer aims to deliver a more efficient business practice for the storage and shipment of liquids and gases.

The company offers a variety of services to support and enhance the tank container leasing process, such as engineering services, regulatory reviews, fleet service management (FSM), damage protection plans (DPP), product monitoring, location tracking and tank modification management.

Eurotainer also offers customised tank container designs, temperature-controlled solutions and information systems for global access to equipment and lease documents.

Eurotainer is a founding member of the International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO) and is ISO 9001 certified, with highly experienced commercial and technical staff.

The company's experts work closely with clients to define the core technical, commercial and operational needs of their business to ensure the equipment supplied meets and exceeds their needs, while compliant with all international regulations.

About Eurotainer

Eurotainer's worldwide network of offices, agents and approved depots in Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe provides the support network required by its multinational clients.

The company is committed to offering clients a comprehensive network of maintenance and repair facilities, a wide range of available equipment for lease, as well as a high level of technical, regulatory and engineering expertise in the industry.

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Tank Container Leasing 14 September 2016 For the last 30 years, Eurotainer is a worldwide leader of the tank container leasing industry, servicing a wide range of customers from industries as diverse as petroleum, chemical, mining, food and transportation.