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ISO Tank Containers and Tank Chassis Sales

Tank Service is an equipment sales company providing a broad range of carbon and stainless steel ISO tank containers, IMO tank containers and UN portable tanks for transportation or storage applications. We also supply drop-frame tank chassis for the North American market, gas tanks, cargo tank trailers, LPG propane tanks, IBC intermediate bulk containers, other types of portable tanks and totes, along with related spare parts.

We offer true GPS satellite tracking, internet centralized data collection and fleet management. We maintain a large inventory of stock units ready for sale at our Houston-area terminal and can offer custom new-build fabrication for specialty tanks. Our hard working staff provides specialized attention to every project.

ISO tank containers for liquids and gas

These highly versatile ISO tanks for bulk liquids vary in capacities from 14,000l (3,700gal) to 25,000l (6,600gal). They can be equipped with insulation, steam heating, electric heating or refrigeration for products that require temperature control, top and/or bottom discharge, protective linings and other modifications. These ISO tanks are easily transported by rail, truck, ship or barge for local, national or worldwide transportation. Products stored or transported by these containers vary from non-hazardous and hazardous chemicals, to food products such as wine, spirits, or edible oils.

Tank Service is your source for new-production UN portable tanks with the T50 designation for high-pressure gases such as LPG and anhydrous ammonia. When combined with a drop-frame tank chassis, these tanks are comparable to MC331 cargo tanks but with a higher maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP).

A variety of special-purpose tanks or 'specials' are offered, such as DOT 51 tanks and lined units. Linings available include fluoropolymers such as PTFE or PFA Teflon®, rubber, epoxy and phenolic linings. Other specials include tanks with electrical heating or refrigerant cooling systems, and tanks for special cargoes such as AV gas, chlorine, asphalt and hydrogen peroxide.

Tank chassis

Tank Service sells new and used tank chassis for the safe and legal transport of loaded tank containers. We offer closed tandem axle, spread axle and tri-axle chassis models. The standard drop-frame design provides a lower center of gravity than conventional trailers and an overall length suitable to legally scale most tanks. Twistlocks provide a secure mounting mechanism for the tanks and eliminate the need for straps or chains. Both new and used chassis can be painted to customer color prior to delivery and will come with current FHWA inspection.

ISO tank asset tracking

Tank Service is excited to announce it is now offering satellite tracking services for asset management offering one solution for tracking, tracing, microtelemetry and security. As a value-added re-seller of Satamatics products, Tank Service can provide true global positioning system (GPS) for your intermodal containers anywhere, anytime through our timed position reporting. This sophisticated technology can determine the exact location of your containers over land, water, or air, and can even deliver alerts, diagnostics, status reports on liquid levels and more!

Tank fleet management

We are proud to announce a new service offering, the fleet management partner (FMP) solution. Under our FMP solution program, we work hard to accomplish the following goals for our customers:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved information accuracy
  • Optimized fleet utilization
  • Improved customer service
  • Lowered overall operating cost

We offer domestic logistics, equipment tracking, status reports, maintenance coordination management, consolidation of multi-vendor invoices and repair / retesting oversight of equipment.

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Tank repair - repair / refurbishment process

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24,000l UN Portable Tank Technical White Paper 14 February 2012 Tank Service is a supplier of portable tanks for bulk liquid transportation and storage requirements. As well as portable tanks, static storage tanks are also offered, in various configurations and with differing capacities.