Teslin® substrate

Durable and Secure Synthetic Paper for GHS Compliant Labels and Packaging

Teslin by PPG

Teslin® substrate by PPG Industries is a unique synthetic label paper that can be applied in a variety of chemical and industrial industries.

Formulated with a polyolefin-silica matrix that results in a high level of microporosity, Teslin substrate can withstand the toughest label environments.

Synthetic paper label applications for industrial use

As a durable, tamper-evident and highly printable synthetic paper, Teslin substrate has all the qualities a durable facestock requires.

From identification labels for industrial and commercial products to warning labels for hazardous materials to supply chain tracking labels for food and pharmaceutical products, if you're looking for a label stock that stands up to water, chemicals, abrasion and temperature extremes, all while delivering high-quality printed text and graphics, it's Teslin substrate to the rescue.

Rugged and durable synthetic label paper

Harsh environments and punishing applications are no match for Teslin substrate. Teslin substrate stands up better than other synthetic paper label stocks to abrasion, scratching and scuffing.

Most synthetics such as vinyl and polypropylene merely allow printed data to sit on their surfaces, making vital information susceptible to distortion or removal. As a result, these materials can leave brand, messaging and safety or tracking information vulnerable to exposure, handling, sabotage and other threats of alteration.

Teslin substrate is different. Its microporous structure absorbs printed data, embedding it deep within the matrix of the material to form nearly indestructible bonds.

Chemical, water and abrasion-resistant labels

Teslin substrate is used in labels that conform to the BS 5609 standard, a specification for marine label applications that tests the ability to withstand three months of immersion in saltwater without losing print quality, adhesive strength or dimensional stability.

BS 5609 is most often specified when extra-durable labels are required because it assures long-term performance in adverse conditions.

The exclusive formulation enables it to remain chemically stable in a variety of environments. Consequently, Teslin substrate labels withstand exposure to potentially destructive substances such as nitric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids, as well as ammonium and sodium hydroxides.

Secure, tamper-evident substrate material for labels

Teslin substrate is tamper-evident, permanently distorting when alteration is attempted.

For ultra-secure labels, the material can be embedded with additional security features, offering a base material that is produced and traceable exclusively for specific programmes.

High-printability packing labels

From digital to offset, Teslin substrate is compatible with a broad range of print technologies and finishing techniques.

It is suitable for variable print applications involving inkjet and thermal transfer printing, and because it demonstrates thermal stability up to 180°C, it can withstand the heat of laser printing without the risk of melting.

Teslin substrate delivers the high-definition print resolution essential to QR codes and other scannable data. No special oxidising inks or long dry times are required.

Exclusive performance benefits for special label needs

In addition to making Teslin substrate breathable and lightweight, microporosity also impedes static build-up, making it suitable for anti-static labels as well as reducing risks associated with electrical discharge (Teslin substrate passes ESD S.541 @ 50% relative humidity).

Its low-particulate content and static-dissipation properties also support sterility and safety in volatile chemical and clean room environments.

Teslin substrate is ideal for blood-bag labels and other speciality applications because it conforms to shapeless surfaces and withstands common sterilisation techniques.

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