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Peristaltic Tube and High-Pressure Hose Pumps

Watson-Marlow Pumps Group is a world leader in peristaltic pump manufacture for chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, ceramics and other process industries. Peristaltic pumps handle corrosive, aggressive and viscous liquids.

Whether your application involves sulphuric acid solution, phosphuric acid, nitric acid, titanium dioxide, calcium hydroxide, plating solution, catalytic agents, trichloroethane mix, acidic liquors, solvents or resins - Watson-Marlow pumps handle them all, at up to 80m³/hr and 16bar (230psi).

Peristaltic pumps have no valves, seals or glands to leak, clog or replace. The pumped fluid does not touch the pump itself - it is in contact only with the tube or flexible hose. Maintenance is confined to a periodic hose change, which takes minutes. Peristaltic pumps can run dry, reverse their direction of flow and are self-priming.

Peristaltic pumps for the chemicals industry

Chemical industries handle corrosive, toxic media with high specific gravities, which cause problems for other pump types. Valves clog, diaphragms perish and rotors corrode.

Peristaltic pumps, or hose pumps as they are called in larger sizes, operate on the positive-displacement principle of our digestive system. Within the pump housing, rollers compress the hose against a semi-circular track - like flattening a garden hose between finger and thumb. The pressure point moves along the hose, pushing the tube's contents before it. Behind the pressure point, the hose resumes its shape, sucking in more fluid. Solids - even bulky ones - are carried through the pump harmlessly.

New Qdos 30 metering pump range

In what's described as a "no-valve metering revolution" Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has launched its revolutionary Qdos 30 pump range. The Qdos 30 pumps eliminate ancillary equipment, enhance productivity, and reduce chemical waste through accurate, linear, and repeatable metering. Qdos 30 pumps deliver an unrivalled 5,000:1 flow range from 0.1ml/min - 500ml/min and 7 bar. Featuring patented ReNu pumphead technology, Qdos 30 is fully sealed for safe, tool-free maintenance.

Composite construction hose for high-pressure pumping

The key to the process is the hose. For high-pressure applications, our hose has a composite construction formulated to withstand chemical attack and abrasion. The inner core is manufactured from soft material, cushioning any solids caught in the compression phase of peristaltic motion, and leaving shear-sensitive flocculants undamaged. The outer covering is hard rubber, reinforced with braided nylon.

The pumps are available with drives suitable for high-pressure wash down, TEFC and explosive environments.

High-pressure peristaltic pumps

The force needed to compress the hose in a large hose pump, up to 100mm in diameter, is substantial. Bredel SPX models - state-of-the-art leaders among high-pressure peristaltic pumps - feature a patented, direct-coupled design: a large, twin-bearing hub supports the rotor - placing no stress on gearbox bearings. No base plate is needed and the footprint is minimal.

Corrosion-resistant cased washdown pumps

The 520 IP66 NEMA 4X is the first of a new generation of cased pumps which is specifically designed to meet the needs of chemical process pumping by delivering unrivalled performance, accuracy and reliability. The new 520 pump delivers flow rates up to 3.5l/min, with a massive speed control ratio of 2,200:1 from its high-quality brushless DC motor and 12 tube materials in eight bore sizes providing real upscale capability and extensive chemical compatibility.

With a tough, corrosion-resistant housing and smooth lines for liquid run-off, the new 520 pumps are perfect for chemical applications. They're the toughest, most versatile pumps we've ever made. The brushless drive and high-performance gearbox mean there is virtually no maintenance, only a periodic change of the hose. The new 520 pumps have raised the standard for chemical pumping equipment.

Choose the 520SN for manual control, the 520UN for analogue auto-control and the 520DuN for manual, auto-analogue and RS485 control. The 520UN accepts 0-10V, 4mA-20mA, 5V TTL and 24V industrial logic inputs. It provides 0-10V, 0-1,258Hz analogue speed, 5V TTL, 24V logic outputs. The 520Du has an additional 4mA -20mA output.

  • Flow rates from four microlitres/min to 3.5l/min
  • 875,000:1 flow range from 520R pumphead and eight tube sizes
  • Software controlled 2200:1 speed turndown
  • RPM resolution with 0.1% set speed accuracy
  • IP66 NEMA 4X watertight and washdown sealed enclosure
  • Zero-maintenance brushless DC motor
  • Easy-view display of speed or flow
  • Rated for 24/7 duties up to 40°C
  • Three-year comprehensive warranty

The 520 drives provide outstanding performance, long life, reliability and great value for all industries, including chemical, waste / water treatment, mineral processing, pulp and paper, food and beverage and printing.

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