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Safety Gates for the Chemicals Industry

Intrepid Safety Products (ISP) is the European distributor for Intrepid Safety Gates. In 1980, Dow Chemical and Intrepid Industries in the USA jointly developed a safety gate. Application of the safety gate quickly grew within the chemical industry, and as experience with the product proved positive, many major companies began to routinely use the Intrepid safety gate.

Many engineering firms have recognised the gate's value, and have recommended it to their clients, causing the use of the Intrepid safety gate to spread worldwide, to North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

For over 30 years, Intrepid has persistently worked to provide excellent quality and outstanding value, and over the years there have been design changes giving the customer improvements and choices of different gates. We currently offer both a single-bar gate and a double-bar gates, grating penetration collars, safety hooks, and other related safety products.

Automatic gravity-closing single and double-bar safety gates

The self closing double-bar safety gate is designed to meet the EN ISO:14122 standard. This European standard requires a self-closing, non-corrosive safety gate with at least a handrail and kneerail.

For those who do not require the complete protection of the double-bar gate, you can order the more economical single-bar gate. Its proven design has been successfully used by many companies over the past 30 years.

The gates have a horizontal swing, not a vertical drop. The design relies solely on gravity. It does not depend on springs or the operator. When opened, the hinge design causes the blade to travel slightly upward. When the opening force is released, the blade is pulled downward by gravity and swings back to the closed position.

The hinge, blade, pin, block and washer are moulded from strong, rigid polyurethane. The polymer is coloured throughout with high visibility safety yellow. Galvanized nuts and bolts are included for mounting to angle iron handrails.

Grating penetration collars

These collars will neatly enclose all sizes of field cut penetrations. The collars can be bolted in place in less time and at less expense than it takes to weld banding.

The collars are constructed of strong, rigid polyurethane which is non-corrosive and resistant to outdoor exposure and harsh plant environments. The collar pieces are coloured safety yellow and come with all needed galvanized attachment hardware. They can be used and reused for years and years.

The collars are supplied with galvanized hardware to provide attachment to galvanized steel grating. In some situations, J-bolts might be substituted. With fibreglass grating, more corrosion-resistant hardware choices might be desirable.

Safety hooks for chemical-based environments

Safety hooks contribute to a safe work floor. It is easy to suspend cables, wires and hoses with the hooks' simple, effective S-shape. By clearing up the work floor the number of industrial accidents can be reduced by 21%. With these safety hooks you create a tidy, structured work floor.

The hooks can be used in place of ropes, lashing, or plastic tie wraps which can often be cumbersome and require at least two hands to lift and secure the cables and hoses. Simply position the hook, and then lift the work lines into place. A hole in each end of the hook enables the user to easily secure the load on the safety hook by means of a tie wrap.

The safety hooks are available in three sizes - designated as 6in, 9in and 12in. As the size increases, so does the diameter of the hooks and the maximum load bearing capacity up to 190 Kg.

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