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Customized High-Performance PTFE Plastic Components

Elring Klinger has over 50 years of industry experience in high-performance PTFE plastic components and a matchless level of expertise and know-how. As a system partner and technology leader, we develop highly efficient new materials and provide customized engineered solutions and industrial products that set the standard for the chemical industry. We develop high-performance plastics such as PTFE, PTFE compounds, and PTFE composites, as well as our new thermoplastic material, Moldflon®. Our products range from semi-finished to complex finished parts, from standard seals to complete system solutions, and from one-off production to large series.

PTFE seals, guides and designed components

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a custom-tailored material that we use to develop technical solutions for many areas of application, including seals, guides, designed components, tubings, special goods and semi-finished products. PTFE features precisely defined characteristic profiles, which facilitates optimal functionality, maximum performance, and absolute reliability.

Seals and guides made from PTFE

Seals and guides made from extremely wear-resistant PTFE compounds remain the components of choice when it comes to high sliding speeds and high thermal stress – even in low-lube and oil-free applications. In addition to their outstanding tribological properties, these compounds offer excellent chemical resistance to aggressive media. Our special compounds are used for applications in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Our range of components includes:

  • Shaft seals with PTFE sealing lip
  • Spring-energized seals
  • Memory packings
  • Piston and guide rings
  • Special seals with dimensions from 2mm up to 3,000mm

Benefits of PTFE components include:

  • Outstanding chemical resistance to corrosive media
  • Suitable for applications with high thermal loads from –200°C to +260°C
  • Suitable for use in low-lube and oil-free conditions
  • Suitable for use with unhardened shafts
  • High wear resistance of the sealing lip compound
  • Friction-optimized designs for minimum power loss
  • Suitable for high peripheral speeds
  • Low breakaway forces after prolonged down times (no stick-slip)
  • Anti-adhesive behavior of the sealing lip

PTFE tubing

Thanks to its exceptional chemical, thermal and dielectric properties, PTFE ranks at the top of the list of fluoroplastic materials. These properties enable manifold system solutions in the chemical sectors.

Typical application examples include:

  • Analytical and measuring equipment in chromatography and lab technology as well for lining measuring sensors in chemical process technology
  • Transportation of food products, oils, resins and paints
  • Manufacturing, transportation and storage of aggressive media such as acids, alkaline solutions, gases and solvents

Engineering parts made from PTFE

The right choice when it comes to high thermal stress. In addition to their outstanding tribological properties, these components offer excellent chemical resistance to aggressive media.

We can offer you solutions in the chemical industry such as bellows, diaphragms, customized parts including pump housing, protective covers and blow moulded parts, and porous PTFE filters.

PTFE film, sheet or plate laminates

Our laminates are made from reinforced PTFE, and consist of a PTFE film, sheet or plate on one face and a substrate on the other, with the layers of material firmly bonded to each other. Possible substrates include fabrics, fibers or knitted fabrics as well as films or sheets. They consist of glass, metal, ceramics, elastomers or high-performance polymers.

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