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External Perimeter Detection Systems

GPS Perimeter Systems specialises in the provision of security systems for intruder detection in an outdoors environment. GPS Perimeter Systems has a range of security solutions that can match the specific requirements of any site. Its broad product range includes buried pressure systems designed to give invisible perimeter protection, fence mounted detection systems, infrared beam systems, stressed wire perimeter systems, and microwave barriers and detectors. GPS Perimeter Systems' externally mounted detectors can help to provide significant savings in terms of manpower, loss recovery and damage limitation

Intruder detection in an outdoors environment

GPS Perimeter Systems has a wide product portfolio that can easily be interfaced with CCTV equipment to cover almost any scenario.

  • GPS is a detection system based on buried differential pressure technology; the system is designed to give invisible perimeter protection under a wide variety of surfaces
  • CPS is a fence-mounted detection system that utilises a microphonic cable to detect disturbances in the fence that are caused by intrusion attempts
  • IPS uses infrared technology to create and active infrared beam system that provides an invisible barrier for detection
  • WPS is an intelligent stressed wire perimeter system, it can be used on fences and on the top of walls and roofs
  • ERMO uses digital, bi-static (transmit and receive) microwave barriers to provide an invisible volumetric detection pattern ideal for long, straight perimeters
  • ARMIDOR is a single-ended Doppler microwave detector for use where high security is required for detection of movement in open areas
  • DARWIN is another infrared system that uses slim-line infrared beam barriers and is ideal for use in short range applications both inside and out

GPS Perimeter Systems has great experience in the supply and installation of their broad product range and is considered to be an expert in its field. It has had many international contracts as well as national contracts and provides a quality consultation service to meet the exact needs of their customers.

External intruder detection

GPS Perimeter Systems products are designed for use outdoors, for this reason they are robust and designed for use in all weather conditions, no matter how extreme. This is a necessary requirement as the systems are not installed in controlled environments like other security equipment. GPS Perimeter Systems' clients cover a broad spectrum ranging from prisons and military bases to utility company and residential sites.

Perimeter detection management system

Due to the diversity of sites different solutions are required to meet different needs. A range of technology solutions and applications can be mixed together if it provides the most effective system. When a mixed system is used GPS Perimeter Systems' MX2000 management control system gathers all information from the detection systems and provides an interface to the CCTV and site-monitoring systems.

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