Succinic Acid-Based Renewable Chemicals

Lubricant Fluids from Bio Succinic Acid


BioAmber was first to market with commercial scale bio-based succinic acid, and is currently serving customers from a plant in France. Based on growing market demand for bio-based chemicals, BioAmber is constructing a large-scale plant in Ontario, Canada, to supply industrial scale bio succinic acid. As a platform chemical, BIO-SA™ succinic acid has a wide range of applications, including as an intermediate for bio-based synthetic ester lubricants.

Diesters from BioAmber's BIO-SA™ are bio based alternatives to petroleum based adipate esters for lubricants. They provide low pour points, relatively high viscosity indices, and high flash and fire points. Succinate esters are soluble in mineral oil, and may be used as an additive, or as the sole base stock fluid. Due to their low pour points, they may also be used to modify bio based lubricant base stocks. The low viscosity makes the succinate esters suitable for Industrial Fluids, and is particularly attractive as metal working fluids.

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