Nippon Shokubai to expand production capacity of performance chemicals

Japanese company Nippon Shokubai is planning to expand the production capacity of its performance chemicals such as functional monomer VEEA, and polymers EPOCROS and EPOMIN. 

Production of VEEA monomer will be expanded at its Himeji Plant by the end of December next year.

There is high-demand for VEEA materials in the US and Europe. VEEA is used as a reactive diluent for UV inkjet printing.

Nippon Shokubai also plans to increase production volumes of EPOCROS polymer material at its Himeji plant from August this year.

"There is high-demand for VEEA materials in the US and Europe."

A highly reactive polymer with oxazoline-functional monomer as its key material, EPOCROS has high-adhesion to films and base polymers. Demand for this material is increasing for PET films and coating materials as eco-friendly waterborne crosslinker. 

Production of EPOMIN will be increased at Nippon Shokubai’s Kawasaki Plant from September next year.

EPOMIN is a water-soluble polymer (polyethyleneimine) and has high reactivity and adhesiveness.

Demand for this product is increasing for water treatment and pigment dispersion.

Established in 1941, Nippon Shokubai has been supplying a wide range of catalysts such as automobile catalysts, process catalysts, ethylene oxide and acrylic acid to global market.